The Heats – Have An Idea (Japanese Edition)

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Una más de los Heats o Heat(er)s, aquí les dejo la versión importada de Japón que se editó en el 2007 por Airmail Recordings, incluye 4 bonus tracks: Let’s All Smoke, Revals, In Your Town y Count On Me. Disfrútenlo.

The Heats, Have An Idea (bonus tracks)


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acresofbears dijo...
11 de abril de 2010, 16:44  

Love the Heats posts. It's nice to see someone else who loves them. In the early 80's I never missed an opportunity to see them play. If your interested, I have a rip of my vinyl copy of their live LP "Burnin' Live."

argenis '65 dijo...
12 de abril de 2010, 12:18  

Hi, yeah you're right I love them too, altough I didn't have the same luck that you... of course I'm interested in your vinyl rip and it would be great If you're able to share it, so thanks a lot. I've listened a few songs of that album and they are terrific!! See you

argenis '65 dijo...
13 de abril de 2010, 10:26  

Wow!!! thanks a lot man!! I'm already downloading the album and I'll post it inmediatly... thanks!

Anónimo dijo...
14 de abril de 2010, 2:56  

Dios mio que pedazo de disco.....yo tenia el Anterior.....ya me parecia bueno pero este es una pasada.....viva la New Wave!!! gracias

14 de abril de 2010, 3:03  

Vaya pedazo de disco....yo tenia el anterior pero este no lo controlaba.......fantastico

Viva la New Wave!!!!!1


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