Los Peyotes – ¡Cavernícola!

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Puta madre, ya tenía lista la reseña pero la lap se trabó y se reinició, asi que pondré la biografía que viene en su myspace. Si quieren saber mas sobre ellos basta buscar en google o meterse a su página oficial, a grandes rasgos Los Peyotes son cinco tipos sudamericanos devotos a las melodías oscuras, ásperas, densas y crudas que podemos resumir como rock de garage, por lo tanto son considerados como una de las bandas más importantes de garage revival y están fuertemente influenciados por bandas como The Seeds, The Music Machine, Question Mark & The Mysterians, Los Saicos, Los Yorks y un largo etcétera de bandas garageras de los sesenta tanto estadounidenses como latinoamericanas. Guitarras fuzzeras, el órgano, y los gritos son ingredientes principales de sus rolas.


At this point, let’s say Los Peyotes is the band that revitalized the sixtie garage rock in South America. These 5 Peruvian-Argentine boys with a double life, go out at night to do the best thing they can do: garage and caveman rock and roll. Los Peyotes was founded, approximately, in 1996 and since that, they have never left off to performance. Its music is shot by instruments vintage and valve amps that next to their aesthetic a go go, causes cocktail hallucinogenic exclusive for collectors and understood. Sound fuzz, tremolo, vibrato and farfisa organ is guaranteed. Its performance is the best, pure gratuitous savagery with a public wild accomplice and that together gives to the frame to true sixties troglodytic parties. They are voracious all-consuming of all garage music of the Sixties. Some of their favourites are The Music Machine, The Seeds, The Sonics, Questions & Mysterians, Los Saicos and Los Yorks (Peru). In addition: Los Gatos Salvajes, Las Mosquitas, Los Shakers, Los Mockers and Los Iracundos, among others. After to have participated in a series of ..Various Artist.., Los Peyotes makes debut officially in 2005 with Cavernicola, a album made in the mythical vintage studios "ION" of Buenos Aires in which they recorded some of the most important bands of Argentine and Uruguayan rock of the Sixties. Twelve live songs were captured in this album; all the fury, insistent the rough sound and melodies that characterizes them, are shaped in this work. The international recognition did not take in arriving already counts on several shows in the Neighbor country Uruguay and participated in several “Various Artist” of Mexico and Spain, as much in CD as in Vinyl. With time Europe fell victim of Los Peyotes; a mini fever has exploded between the public of the old continent that does not stop to show to its restlessness in the punk, beat and garage music forums to know more of this group and to be to as much of its new features. The brilliant British record label Dirty Water Records discovered and laid them a single to 7 inches of hits El Humo te Hace Mal / Te Pegare songs corresponding to its album Cavernicola, the European DJs spend this single of as much making sound it in its celebrations. Los Peyotes crossed the Atlantic Ocean towards the old continent in 2007 to participate in the Funtastic Dracula Carnival (Valencia, Spain) http://www.funtasticdraculacarnival.com/, a festival of the best thing of the international scene of the Punk, Garage, Beat, R&B and Surf R..n..R. They had the pride to share the establishment with the mythical band of surf 60s music THE TRASHMEN. Also they gave shows in Italy and the north of Spain, places where garage music has faithful and eager followers.

Este disco es cortesía de Wirtis del Garage Latino

Los Peyotes, Cavernícola!


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